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Dual Carbon Filters by Kleen RiteDeluxe Plus and Deluxe Plus Splits Cartridges (large size)for Petroleum and Perc

Using Kleen-Rite's Supreme cartridges with no distillation means more profits for you

Save on Solvent, Detergent and Sizing
Your professional plant doesn't need a still. What it needs are Kleen-Rite's cartridges, designed to work in the most simple, trouble-free solvent filtration purification system ever designed! You simply can't beat the original!

With the Kleen-Rite Sorption System, you'll have no losses in distillation so you use less solvent. There's no replacement needed for distillation losses, either. Additions of detergent and sizing are required only when you add solvent. Clothes come out cleaner and fresher than ever before. And with no still, there's no stink!

Save on Labor
Kleen-Rite provides solvent pollution control at the flip of a switch. There's no daily start-up, no daily clean-up. No attention necessary. No moving parts, no downtime. With its easy installation and easy maintenance, you'll save money from the day it's installed.

Save on Steam and Electric
The Kleen-Rite Sorption System uses no electricity, no water and no steam. You get 2,000 pounds of consistently clean, bright, fresh clothes with every cartridge. So improve you profits. Improve your Cleaning. Put the Kleen-Rite Sorption Systems featuring Supreme Cartridges to work for you. And make a change for the better.

Plus Cartridges Setting the Standard for Performance

More Activated Carbon:
Improves dye bleed control keeps solvent crisp and clear.

Exposed Filter Media:
Provides maximum solvent filtration and cartridge life do to the absence of an outer filter wrap.

Seal Disc:
Eliminates solvent leakage between cartridges.

New Handle Attachment:
Engineered for zero leakage.

Kleen-Rite recommends
changing cartridges as follows:

Canister Type - 5H:

Change one canister every 12,500 lbs. cleaned

Canister Type - 4H:

Change one canister every 10,000 lbs. cleaned

Canister Type - 3H:

Change one canister every 7,500 lbs. cleaned

Canister Type - 2H:

Change one canister every 5,000 lbs. cleaned


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